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    Autotune [Pitch Correction VST]


    Nick Hughes

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    Autotune [Pitch Correction VST]

    Post by Nick Hughes on Sun Nov 23, 2008 11:57 am

    If you've already gone and downloaded Mixcraft 4.0 from my other topic, you're going to also want this neat peice of equipment!

    Autotune is a VST plugin which will install with Mixcraft -- It's an effect like a "Delay" or "Reverb" in a sense. Autotune will give you (in the right settings) the voice of T-Pain.

    Here is the download page for the seven day free trail.

    Youtube informational video links for those who don't know what Autotune is or does:

    A song created with the aid of autotune... Hear the effect?

    Tutorial in MIXCRAFT:

    The youtube page with Autotune already selected. This will bring up all Autotune videos.


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