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    Forum Rules and Regulations [Must Read]



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    Forum Rules and Regulations [Must Read]

    Post by Admin on Sun Nov 23, 2008 10:46 am

    Hello and Welcome to the forum, The Music Centre.
    Thank you for using this forum are your grounds for online music sharing.
    By using this forum, registering, viewing it etc you agree to be bound by our personal rules and regulations.

    -- Abusive content is not allowed on our forums.
    # Posting abusive content towards another user,
    # Posting unlawfull or disturbing pictures or video,
    # Posting pornographic imaging or video,

    -- We do not accept illegal activity.
    # Posting of software cracks, hacks or serial numbers,
    # Posting links to illegal software,
    # Providing information to other users of how to obtain illegal software,
    # Attempting to host illegal content on our servers,

    -- The moderators hold the right to remove anything on the forum.
    # Remove any post,
    # Remove any image or video on the forum,
    # Remove and / or delete any user / account,
    # Ban any user for breaking any rule,

    -- No warning requied for breaking rules and regulations.
    # For breaking a rule and / or generally having behaviour deemed unsuitable,
    # Any user(s) found to be breaking the forum rules will be warned or banned,
    # You do not hold the right to appeal a ban,
    # You may not be allowed back onto the forum,
    # Returning will result in your ISP been notified of your activies may this be;
    // illegal hosting of files etc.

    These rules and regulations may be changed without warning at any time for any reason. A moderator does not have to refer to the rules every time a member is not behaving with a decent about of behaviour within the forums themselvs and may hold that member responsibile for his or her actions and remove them from the forums.

    Thank you,
    May you have any issues with these rules for any reason, please contract the lead administrator Asap. If this is not an option, please content any member of forum staff and the message will be passed on.

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